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Cookie policy

What is a cookie file?
Cookie files are text files, containing a small amount of data that is sent to your browser and stored on your computer, smart phone, and any other device through which users access the Internet. Cookies send some information to the site at any visit to the site. For example, they allow you to save secure search settings, display helpful advertisements, compute the number of visits per page, register for our services, and protect user information. Cookies may be cookie files and can be stored on a computer until they are deleted by the user, or may be temporary (which are called periodic cookies), where they remain in computer until the browser closed. In addition, cookie files are also divided into main files (which are generated directly through site visits) or sub-files (created by other sites).
Applied Cookie Files and their applications:
The classification of the cookie files used on our sites (according to the cookie file set by the International Chamber of Commerce) is as follows:
Essential Cookies:
The application of these cookie files is essential for surfing web and providing services. For example to access protected pages, these cookie files are used to register users and log in. Without these files, the requested services will be disconnected from users. These cookie files are original and may be permanent or temporary. In other words, our sites do not work without cookie files.
Operational Cookies:
These cookie files collect information about the site use (for example, information on highlighted pages). These files do not receive personal information from a particular user. All data collected by these cookies is statistical and anonymous.
These cookies are used for the following purposes:
Getting site use statistics
Evaluating the efficiency of promotional campaigns
These cookie files may be permanent or temporary, and they may also be related to the main or subordinate cookie groups. They collect anonymous information about page visits and ads.
Functional Files:
With the assistance of these cookie files, your required information (including the user name, language, or country of residence) is stored, which increases the features of the specified functions and makes them more accurate. In addition, these cookies are used to serve your requested services, for example: video display or submission of comments on the blog. These files use anonymous information and do not track your activities on other sites.
The purposes in using these cookies are as follows:
Remembering information on that whether certain services have already been provided to you;
Increasing the quality of interconnection with the site in general and by remembering previously selected items.
These cookie files may be permanent or temporary, and they may also be related to the main or subordinate cookie groups. They collect your offered information and the quality of interconnection with the site.
Promotional Cookies:
These cookie files are used to restrict the number of users' visits to advertisements, as well as to evaluate the impact of promotional campaigns. Advertising cookies are used to manage advertisement text on the site. Advertising cookies are published by third parties; for example, by proprietors or propagandists. They may be permanent or temporary. Thus, these files are linked to advertisements published by the two sides of the campaign on the site. Our ad serving cookie files are published on many Google domains and their regional options. Some of these domains are listed here:
Other Minor Cookies:
Some of our website pages include contents related to services such as YouTube. Note that we can not affect the cookie files used by these services. Additional information can be obtained by referring to the relevant sub-site.
Managing Cookie Files and deleting them:
Blocking and deleting cookies and restricting their operations are applicable via browser settings. Related settings in each browser may vary from another. In addition, you will find additional information on managing and deleting cookies in different browsers at
Note that any specified page of our sites is only accessible via cookie files. Deactivating cookie files may limit your access to our contents and cause incomplete operation of our websites. For information on managing cookie files on mobile browsers, see the instructions for the device you are looking for.
Users of this site agree to use these technologies to collect and process information without refusing the use of cookie files and similar Internet technologies.